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Route: Rhone Glacier – Tällistock

The Rhone Glacier is a valley glacier north of the Furka Pass (2,429 m above sea level) in the Central Swiss Alps and is situated in the cantonal area of Valais. The glacier expands across a length of roughly ten kilometers and is the source region of the river Rhone, which flows through France into the Mediterranean Sea. In the northwestern central section of the glacier, the Tällistock (3,185 m above sea level) separates the two firn fields of Tiertälli in the west and Grossfirn in the east.
On the opposite side of the Rhone Glacier, at its eastern flank, rise the Hintere Rhonestock (3,589 m above sea level) and the Vordere Rhonestock (3,566 m above sea level) as well as the Tiefenstock (3,515 m above sea level) further to the south.

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