Aiguille de Triolet

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The Mont Blanc massif is situated in the tri-border region between France, Italy and Switzerland. As the highest mountain, the Mont Blanc reaches a height of 4,810 m above sea level. In the west, the mountain range is bordered by Chamonix (FR). In the north, the massif extends up to Martigny (CH), and in the east lies the Val Ferret valley (CH/IT).

The northeastern part of the vast Mont Blanc massif – the striking Aiguille Verte (4,122 m above sea level) with its narrow ridge, the Aiguille de Triolet (3,870 m above sea level) and the Mont Dolent (3,820 m above sea level) – constitutes a bizarre panorama.

The Argentière Glacier spans from the northwestern flank of the Mont Dolent across approx. 10 km up to the French village of Argentière. The Aiguille du Tacul (3,444 m above sea level), which is also enclosed by glaciers, lies southwest of the Mont Dolent.

Route: Mont Dolent – Aiguille du Tacul
Mountains, glaciers, valleys

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