A5 Leuzigen

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Route: Lüsslingen – Leuzigen – Grenchen (Exit A5)

Leuzigen is a municipality in the Seeland administrative district of the canton of Bern. It consists of the actual village and the hamlet of Brunnadern, which is situated behind the ice-age moraine wall of the Längenberg. Leuzigen is situated at an altitude of 456 m above sea level and is the last village of the canton of Bern and the Seeland district between the Aar river and the foothills of the Bucheggberg. It is bordered by the canton of Solothurn on three sides.

The northern municipal boundary is marked by the winding course of the river Aar. The neighboring municipalities are Bettlach, Selzach, Nennigkofen, Lüterkofen-Ichertswil, Tscheppach, Bibern SO and Arch.

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