Aaretalviadukt - Schloss Wildenstein

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Route: Villnachern – Schinznach-Bad – Wildenstein Castle

The Aar springs in the Grimsel region in the Central Swiss Alps and traverses Central Switzerland in a vast, roughly 300-km-long arch. The Aar is at the same time the largest feeding river of the Rhine. The A3 highway crosses the river through the Aar Valley Viaduct (Aaretalviadukt) between Habsburg (470 m above sea level) and Schinznach-Dorf (383 m above sea level). The A3 connects Basel (259 m above sea level) in outermost Northwestern Switzerland with Sargans (483 m above sea level) in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley.

Not far from this, at the western shore of the largest river running solely on Swiss territory, lies Wildenstein castle. The castle was built in the 13th century on a rock ledge in the Jura mountains.

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