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Route: Rüschlikon – Adliswil –Leimbach – Manegg – Üetliberg Tunnel

Adliswil (451 m above sea level) lies in the Lower Sihltal valley between the Albis and the Zimmerberg mountains. The Sihltalbahn railway connects Adliswil to the main railway station of Zurich. The setup of the mechanical silk weaving mill led to a strong burst of growth in the municipality during the industrialization. In the summer, the Adliswil-Felsegg aerial cableway takes many day-trippers up the Üetliberg mountain.

In the south, the Zurich city boundary runs through Leimbach. This settlement was originally made up of the hamlets of Unterleimbach, Mittelleimbach, and Oberleimbach. Oberleimbach was incorporated into Adliswil; the other hamlets now form the Zurich city quarter of Leimbach.

Near the Manegg area, the Sihl river, the Sihltalbahn railway, and the A3 highway meet. The northern entry of the Üetliberg Tunnel is also located here.

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