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Route: Aarau – Brugg – Baden

The city of Aarau (382 m above sea level) is the capital of the canton of Aargau in the Swiss Plateau. The city as well as the canton owe their name to the Aar river. The city lies in the center of the large tri-city area Zurich-Basel-Lucerne. Thanks to its central location, Aarau became the first capital of Switzerland with Switzerland's first Federal Palace for several months in 1798.
The old town of Aarau is characterized by the numerous painted undersides of the protruding gables, the so-called «Dachhimmel», most of which date back to the 16th century. They are considered the most beautiful painted gable undersides in Switzerland. The canton of Aargau has a lot of castles and palaces. Among them some of the most impressive ones in Switzerland: Lenzburg Castle, Hallwyl Castle or Habsburg Castle – ancestral seat of the well-known dynasty since the 10th century.

In close-by Windisch, the largest and best-preserved Roman amphitheater in Switzerland can be visited. Also well worth a visit in the canton of Aargau are numerous historic small towns such as Bremgarten, Zofingen and many more.

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