Rocher du Midi

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Route: Rocher du Midi – La Sarouche – Le Recardet

The valley section of Pays-d’Enhaut lies in the Vaud pre-Alps and is traversed by the river Saane (French: La Sarine). The Pays-d’Enhaut belongs to the canton of Vaud, whereas La Gruyère and Bulle (771 m above sea level) at the valley entrance belong to the canton of Fribourg, and the Saanenland around Gstaad (1,050 m above sea level) belongs to the canton of Bern. The summit of the Rocher du Midi (2,097 m above sea level) towers over the valley in the south and belongs to the municipality of Château-d’Oex.

At the foot of the Rocher du Midi lies the skiing region of La Braye, which can be accessed from the valley locations of Château-d’Oex (958 m above sea level) and Gérignoz (959 m above sea level). West of the massif, the Pass road runs from Les Moulins (890 m above sea level) up to the Col des Mosses (1,445 m above sea level).

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