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Route: Amden – Mattstock – Raaberg|Hinter Höhi – Amden – Mattstock

Amden (903 m above sea level) is a municipality in the canton of St. Gallen and lies on a terrace high above Lake Walen along the Churfirsten mountain range. It is divided into four parts: Dorf (900 m above sea level), Arvenbüel (1,250 m above sea level), and at the shore of Lake Walen, Fli (430 m above sea level) and Betlis (430 m above sea level) with Oberbetlis and Unterbetlis. The highest point of Amden lies at 2,101 m above sea level (Leistchamm). The best-known mountains are Leistchamm, Flügenspitz, Gulmen, Chapf and Durschlegi.

Amden is also the home of the Seerenbach Falls, Switzerland's highest waterfalls with a drop height of 305 m, with the Rinquelle, an underground cave system. The 87-km-long Toggenburg high route runs through Arvenbüel. It runs in five stages from Wildhaus via Atzmännig and Mühlrüti to Wil. A popular sight is the Strahlegg castle ruin (former Roman watchtower) in Hinterbetlis.

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