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Route: Balzers (Gutenberg Castle)

Balzers (472 m above sea level) is the southernmost municipality in Liechtenstein and is considered an exceptional place of prehistoric discovery in the Alpine region. Numerous art historically significant finds were discovered at the foot of the Gutenberg castle hill (bronze and fertility figurines, foundations of Roman buildings, Roman coins). Excavated cultural artifacts show that this rock formation, on the western side of which runs the Rhine, was already inhabited during the Neolithic (approx. 3000 BC). The village is separated into the two sections of Balzers and Mäls, which, however, was more distinct in the past than it is today.

Gutenberg castle, built in the 12th century, is a medieval castle and the landmark of Balzers. It sits enthroned on a 70-m-high rock hill above Balzers in the Oberland and Rhine Valley regions. Wine has been grown on its southern slopes already in Roman times.

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