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Route: Dritte Altmatt – Rothenthurm

In 1018, a piece of land called Allmeind mit Wald altun Matta (today: Altmatt) was donated to the Einsiedeln Abbey. After the century-long Marchenstreit affair, the Altmatt common land was transferred to the old region of Schwyz. Later, Altmatt was divided into Outer, Middle and Inner Altmatt (today: Erste, Zweite and Dritte Altmatt, 920 m above sea level). They are located at the eastern edge of the famous high moor of Rothenthurm, which is traversed by the Biber river.

The moor landscape of Rothenthurm-Altmatt-Biberbrugg became famous within Switzerland when the Swiss Armed Forces wanted to establish a military training area here in the 1980ies. This project was stopped by a popular initiative and the area has been protected ever since as a high moor of national importance.

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