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Route: Feejoch – Allalinhorn – Alphubel

The Allalinhorn (4,027 m above sea level) is a summit in the Valais Alps. It rises in the Mischabel crest between the Saastal valley in the east and the Mattertal valley in the west. The Allalin range, named after it, comprises three other four-thousanders besides the Allalin: the Alphubel (4,206 m above sea level), the first ascent of which was made in 1860, the Strahlhorn, and the Rimpfischhorn.

The Allalinhorn lies 7 km southwest of Saas-Fee and is surrounded by four large glaciers: Fee Glacier, Hohlaub Glacier, Allalin Glacier, and Mellich Glacier. Southwest of it are the Feekopf (3,888 m) and Alphubel, separated by the Feejoch (3,826 m) and the Alphubeljoch (3,772 m). The Allalin Pass (3,564 m) separates the Rimpfischhorn (4,198 m) from the Allalinhorn in the southwest.

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