A5 Grenchen

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Route: Grenchen – Lengnau (Highway Exits A5)

The highway A5 (Autobahn A5) runs from the highway A1 (Autobahn A1) near Yverdon-les-Bains along the Jura range via Neuenburg and Biel|Bienne to Solothurn, where it meets the A1 again. The A5 is identical with the N5 national road Luterbach – Biel|Bienne – Neuenburg – Yverdon and is divided into three sections.

Grenchen (451 m above sea level) is a municipality and the capital of the Lebern district of the canton of Solothurn. The city is situated at the southern foot of the Jura between the cities of Solothurn and Biel. Following Olten, it is the second largest municipality in the canton of Solothurn. The city is known for its watchmaking industry, which has been located here for more than 150 years. The municipality of Staad also belongs to Grenchen. Neighboring municipalities are: Bettlach, Selzach, Arch BE, Rüti bei Büren BE, Büren an der Aare BE, Lengnau, Romont and Court.

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