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Route: La Neuve – Chasseral – Hôtel

The Chasseral is a 20-km-long ridge northwest of Lake Biel-Bienne (French: Lac de Bienne, German: Bielersee) in the Bernese Jura, a section of the striking mountain range north of the main chain of the Alps. The mountain range runs from the Rondchâtel gorge near Péry (635 m above sea level) to the Val de Ruz between Neuchâtel (German: Neuenburg; 479 m above sea level) and La Chaux-de-Fonds (991 m above sea level). In the summer, the Col du Chasseral (1,502 m above sea level) connects Saint-Imier (793 m above sea level) with Nods (885 m above sea level).

The highest point of the Chasseral lies at an altitude of 1,607 m above sea level and, with its transmitter tower, is visible from far away. In ideal visibility conditions, the Mont Blanc (4,808 m above sea level) in the French West Alps and also the Säntis in the Eastern Swiss pre-Alps (2,502 m above sea level) can be seen from the summit.

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