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Route: Bivio – Cuolmens

Bivio (1,769 m above sea level) is situated west of the Julier Pass (2,284 m above sea level), which connects the two valleys of Engadin and Oberhalbstein. The Graubünden municipality is the only Italian-speaking municipality in Switzerland north of the alpine watershed. Bivio is also the starting point of the historic pass road of the Septimer (2,310 m above sea level), which was an important connecting road to the Bergell valley already in Roman times.

Southeast of Bivio lie the Roccabella (2,727 m above sea level) and the mountain range with the Piz Materdell (2,967 m above sea level) and the Piz Grevasalvas (2,932 m above sea level), the southwestern part of which is the watershed between the rivers Danube, Po and Rhine. Southwest of Bivio, the Cuolmens ascends gently. In the winter, it is used as a skiing region. The chain of hills culminates in the summit of the Piz Turba (3,018 m above sea level).

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