Alp Muot Selvas | Val Fex

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Route: Chantuns – Muot Selvas Alp – Chesaritsch

The Graubünden Val Fex is a tributary valley of the Upper Engadin and is situated southeast of Sils-Maria (1,809 m above sea level). It is one of the most elevated valleys in Switzerland being inhabited throughout the year. Three glaciers are situated in the rearmost section of the valley: the Vadret dal Tremoggia Glacier, the Vadret dal Güz Glacier and the Vadret da Fex Glacier. The Val Fex is bordered by several three-thousanders in the south. Il Chapütschin (3,386 m above sea level) at the eastern flank forms the transition into the Val Roseg valley.

Above the Muot Selvas alp (2,070 m above sea level) extends a flat glacier foreland, which is supplied with erosion material by the two glaciers at the mountain flanks. Below it, the Fedacla river runs towards Sils-Maria.

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