Brail | Cinuos-chel

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Route: Brail – Cinuos-Chel

Cinuos-chel is a section of the Upper Engadin municipality of S-chanf (1,660 m above sea level). The village is located down the valley at the border to the Lower Engardin, on a plateau above the meandering river Inn, by the main road between S-chanf and Brail. The approx. 150 inhabitants speak the Romansh dialect of Puter. It used to be a collecting point for traders traveling the Engadin route and across the Scaletta Pass. The Cinuos-chel/Brail station is served by the Engadin line of the Rhaetian Railway. The Reformed village church from 1615 is listed as a historical monument, and the appearance of the place is characterized by its narrow tent roof and the typical Engadin buildings.

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