Aquila | Dangio

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Route: Ponto Aquilesco – Aquila

Aquila (774 m above sea level) is a village and formerly independent municipality in the Blenio district of the canton of Ticino. In 2006, Aquila merged with Campo (Blenio), Ghirone, Olivone, and Torre to form the new municipality of Blenio.

Apart from the main village, the former municipality of Aquila also included the hamlets of Dangio, Grumarone, Pinaderio, and Ponto Aqulesco, as well as a number of mountain pasture hamlets in the Val Soi valley and on the slopes of the Punta di Larescia. In addition, the territory comprised two exclaves; areas which remained with Aquila when Ghirone broke away. A part of the lake Lago di Luzzone lies in the larger of the exclaves.

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