Avegno 1|2

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Route: Ponte Brolla (Maggia) – Avegno

Avegno (293 m above sea level) is a section of the municipality of Avegno-Gordevio in the Ticino district of Vallemaggia. It lies on the left side of the river Maggia, which gave the valley its name. Avegno originally consisted of the three separate districts of Avegno di Fuori, Avegno-Chiesa, and Avegno di Dentro, which in the meantime have grown together.

The Maggia is a river in the canton of Ticino. It rises from the lake Lago del Narèt east of the Cristallina (2,912 m above sea level), traverses the Valle Maggia valley, and joins Lake Maggiore (Langensee) after 58 km in a large delta near Locarno.

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