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Route: Calanda

The Calanda is a massif in the cantons of St. Gallen and Grisons, northwest of Chur. It is part of the Northern Limestone Alps and is the easternmost border of the Glarus Alps. The mountain range, bounded by the Churer Rheintal valley and the Taminatal valley, is separated from the rest of the Glarus Alps by the Kunkels Pass (1,357 m).

The Calanda's ridge is made up of a number of summits and extends from the southwest to the northeast: Taminser Calanda (2,390 m above sea level), Felsberger Calanda (2,697 m above sea level), Haldensteiner Calanda (highest peak of the range at 2,806 m above sea level), and Berger Calanda (2,270 m above sea level). In the 19th century, small amounts of gold were mined at the southern slope of the Felsberger Calanda.

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