Aarau - Kernkraftwerk Gösgen

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Route: Aarau – Schache – Schachenwald

The Aar springs in the Grimsel region in the Central Swiss Alps and traverses Central Switzerland in a vast, roughly 300-km-long arch. The Aar is at the same time the largest feeding river of the Rhine. Aar-au (382 m above sea level), the capital of the canton of Aargau, has roughly 20,000 inhabitants and lies at its southern shore along the connecting route between Zurich (408 m above sea level) and Solo-thurn (432 m above sea level).

Not far upriver lies the Gösgen nuclear power plant with its cooling tower visible from far away. The plant only indirectly uses water from the Aar for cooling purposes so the waste heat does not influence the river system too much.

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