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Route: Dompierre – Domdidier – Avenches

The Broye Plain characterizes the landscape between the Vaud Payerne (458 m above sea level) and the Lac de Morat and is traversed in the center by Fribourg cantonal territory. Today's Avenches (480 m above sea level) was an important place of trade with approximately 20,000 inhabitants during the heyday of the Roman Empire. Numerous architectonical artifacts still bear witness of the Roman city of Aventicum, such as the amphitheater, a fortified tower, a thermal bath, and a temple complex.

An important agricultural branch in the region, especially in the last century, was the cultivation of tobacco, which today is only cultivated in a few cantons. The harvested tobacco leaves are hung in drying barns, so-called «Tabakschuppen», and thus lose their water.

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