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Route: Cul des Près|Gillarens – La Râpe – Ropraz – Carrouge

Carrouge (728 m above sea level) is a municipality in the Broye-Vully district. The village is located in the Vaud Central Plateau close to the district capital, Payerne. This rural municipality is bordered in the west by the Bressonne river and in the east by its tributary, the Carrouge. In between there is the Champ du Bochet ridge (757 m above sea level), separated from the Carrouge hill by a small valley. One section of the hilly molasse land between the Jorat plain and the headwaters of the Broye is also part of Carrouge. The highest point of the municipality is on the eastern downward slope of the Jorat, in the forest of La Côte (783 m above sea level).

Carrouge also comprises the hamlets of Le Borgeau (711 m above sea level), La Croix d'Or (722 m above sea level), and Ecorche Boeuf (715 m above sea level) in the valley of the Bressonne river. Neighboring municipalities of Carrouge include Vulliens, Ferlens, Mézières, Montpreveyres, Ropraz, and Vucherens.

A sight worth seeing is the Reformed church of Carrouge, a modest Bernese-style country church. It was built in 1709 and equipped with a tower clock in 1795.

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