Aiguilles de Baulmes

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Route: Le Suchet – Les Praz – Aiguilles de Baulmes

The word «aiguille» is used in French for pointy, striking rock formations and mountain summits. It is best translated as «needle». The summit ridge of the Aiguille de Baulmes (1,559 m above sea level) is accordingly jagged in appearance. The mountain ridge is mainly tree-covered. Coniferous trees such as spruces, pine trees, and firs dominate the typical Jura forests. The Aiguille de Baulmes offers a view of the Lac de Neuchâtel (Lake Neuchâtel), the largest lake entirely on Swiss territory.

The rocks of the Aiguille de Baulmes, of typical Jura limestone, offer many routes for athletic climbers. The mountain at the southern edge of the Jura can be accessed from the village of Baulmes (632 m above sea level) in the south, or from Ste-Croix (1,086 m above sea level) north of it. West of the mountain ridge runs the border to France.

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