Bad Schauenburg

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Route: Röserental – Rosenberg – Schauenburgflue – Bad Schauenburg – Röserental – Bienenberg

The Röserental valley in the upper Basel area is a tributary valley of the Ergolztal valley. In Liestal (327 m above sea level), the Rösenrenbach creek empties into the Ergolz. At the very back of the valley, the rock face of the Schauenburgflue (663 m above sea level) towers over the hamlet of Bad Schauenburg (480 m above sea level). For three hundred years, the Hotel Bad Schauenburg has stood here.

The Bienenberg (460 m above sea level) is an elevation between Liestal (327 m above sea level) and Frenkendorf (339 m above sea level). The terrace houses a convention and seminar center with a view of the Ergolztal valley.

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