Augusta Raurica 1|2

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Route: Bienenberg – Frenkendorf – Kaiseraugst – Augusta Raurica – Augst

Frenkendorf (337 m above sea level) is part of the Liestal agglomeration. The town was the site of an armed dispute which led to the separation of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft in August 1833.

The Ergolz joins the Rhine on the border of the municipalities of Kaiseraugst (AG) and Augst (BL). These two municipalities by the High Rhine are famous thanks to the Roman colony of Augusta Raurica.

When this Roman settlement was founded (44 BC), it belonged to the Gallia Belgica province, and later to the Germania Superior province. So far, excavations have revealed a theater, a temple, the main forum with the temple of Jupiter, an amphitheater, an aqueduct, and several private-owned commercial buildings. The most important archeological finds are exhibited in the Roman museum.

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