Ägerisee | Lauerzersee | Rothenthurm

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Route: Spiegelberg – Lake Lauerz – Rigi – Rossberg – Chaiserstock – Lake Aegeri – Sattel – Morgartenberg – Sunnenberg – Schäfsegg – Nägeliberg – Rothenthurm (high moor)

Lake Aegeri lies at an altitude of 724 m above sea level in the canton, embedded between the Zugerberg, Rossberg, Gottschalkenberg and Morgartenberg mountains. It extends from Unterägeri and Oberägeri southwards in the direction of Hauptsee and Morgarten. Its feeding rivers are the Hüribach, the Lutisbach near Mittenägeri, the Dorfbach near Oberägeri, the Bietenbergrusen, the Trombach (north of Sattel) and the Rorbach. Lake Aegeri is drained by the Lorze river, which near Zug issues into Lake Zug.

At the southern shore of the lake lies Morgarten. This location is of major importance in the history of Switzerland. In 1315, the Confederates faced the Hapsburgs under the command of Leopold I. for the first time and defeated them in the Battle of Morgarten.

Lake Aegeri covers an area of 7.3 km² and has been used as a water reservoir since 1992.

Rothenthurm (923 m above sea level) became famous within Switzerland when the Swiss Armed Forces wanted to establish a military training area in the high moor of Rothenthurm. This project was stopped by a popular initiative in the 1980ies, and the area has been protected ever since as a high moor of national importance.

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