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Route: Einsiedeln – Ufem Tritt – Trachslau – Alpthal – Grosser Mythen – Haggenspitz – Lake Lucerne

The Alptal is a valley in the foothills of the Schwyz Alps. It extends from Einsiedeln southwards in the direction of the Grosser Mythen (1,898 m above sea level) and is traversed by the Alp river. The villages of Brunni, Alpthal and Trachslau belong to the Alptal. At the foot of the Mythen in the rear section of the Alptal lies the popular Brunni-Mythen hiking and winter sports region with ski lifts and an aerial cableway running up to the Holzegg (1,405 m above sea level). The Schwyz valley is characterized by the dominating appearance of the Mythen and the Haggenspitz (1,761 m above sea level).

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