Caux | Lac Léman

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Route: Les Dentaux VD – Caux – Villeneuve

Caux (1,050 m above sea level) is located on a terrace at the southern slope of the Rochers de Naye (2,041 m above sea level), high above Lake Geneva (French: Lac Léman, German: Genfersee). The well-known Vaud health resort can be accessed from Montreux (396 m above sea level) via a cogwheel railroad, which goes on to the panorama mountain of Rochers de Naye. The "Balcony of Lake Geneva" is characterized by impressive former hotel complexes from the late 19th and early 20th century, which are today mainly used as conference centers.

Villeneuve (375 m above sea level) lies at the northern end of the Rhone Plain, where the river Rhone flows into Lake Geneva; before that, it mainly runs mainly through Vaud territory. The municipality is traversed by the highway A9, which runs along the lake shore and comes from Lausanne (447 m above sea level).

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