Cathédrale Saint-Pierre, GE

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Route: Ile Rousseau – Cathédrale Saint-Pierre

Geneva (German: Genf; 375 m above sea level) lies at the Lac de Genève, the southwestern arm of Lake Geneva (French: Lac Léman, German: Genfersee). The "Calvin city", as Geneva is also named after the reformer Jean Calvin (1509–1564), lies at the outlet of the Rhone from the lake, which is the second largest lake of Central Europe in terms of surface area. This world city is an important financial center and the home of many international organizations. The Jet d’Eau (water jet) is the city's landmark, the architecture of which appears slightly Mediterranean due to its proximity to France.

The Cathédrale Saint-Pierre (St. Peter's cathedral) sits enthroned on a moraine hill in the center of the old town. On the occasion of certain festivities, up to eight bells ring in both towers. The oldest of these has been in use since the 16th century.

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