Carouge - Genève

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Route: Carouge – La Jonction – Pont Butin

Geneva (German: Genf; 375 m above sea level) lies at the Lac de Genève, the southwestern arm of Lake Geneva (French: Lac Léman, German: Genfersee). The "Calvin city", as Geneva is also named after the reformer Jean Calvin (1509–1564), lies at the outlet of the Rhone from the lake, which is the second largest lake of Central Europe in terms of surface area. The river Arve, coming from the French Chamonix (1,037 m above sea level), joins the river Rhone, flowing into the Mediterranean Sea, at St-Georges, where the city's largest cemetery is located.

Carouge (386 m above sea level), the municipal area of which also includes the city quarter of Les Acacias, borders on Geneva in the south. Due to competition with the neighboring Geneva, Carouge was rebuilt at the end of the 18th century by the House of Savoy, who perpetuated their Italian roots in the overall appearance of the locality. An architect from Turin was responsible for the design.

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