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Route: Ruagn – Andeer

Andeer (979 m above sea level) lies in the Schons (German: Schams) in the canton of Graubünden at the Rein Posteriur (Hinter Rhine). After converging with the Rein Anteriur (Vorder Rhine) at Reichenau (604 m above sea level), the Rhine runs on for more than 1,000 km before it joins the North Sea. Andeer has a mineral spring with magnesium-rich water, which is also used for a health spa. The source – the water coming from it has a temperature of 18 °C – lies a little ways down the valley below the village of Pignia (1,054 m above sea level).

In order to reach the alpine passes of San Bernardino (2,065 m above sea level) and Splügen (2,115 m above sea level) from the north, one has to traverse the Schons. The A13 highway, running from Lake Constance to Bellinzona in the canton of Ticino, runs along the valley floor.

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