Bogenstaumauer Zervreila

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Route: Zervreilasee – Zervreila Arch Dam

The reservoir Zervreilasee is dammed up above the Graubünden village of Vals (1,254 m above sea level) and used for energy generation by the Zervreila power plants. Because of the construction of the arch dam (finished in 1957), the village of Zervreila was flooded and the inhabitants of the formerly permanently inhabited village had to make way for the lake. Below the 151-m-high dam wall runs the Valser Rhine through the Val Lumnezia valley towards the Vorderrheintal valley.

The Zervreilahorn (2,898 m above sea level) with its striking summit high above the reservoir is also called the Graubünden Matterhorn based on the Vaud original. Its shape can be seen on the label of the well-known «Valser» water, which is collected from the St. Peter's spring close to Vals, which is also used for the thermal bath in the village.

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