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Route: Arosa – Innerarosa – Weisshorn

Arosa (1,739 m above sea level) is situated in a hollow at the upper end of the Schanfigg (Romansh: Scanvetg). This valley begins south of Chur (595 m above sea level), the capital of the canton of Graubünden. The road Schanfiggerstrasse runs up the valley in numerous bends. Also the RhB (Rhaetian Railway) serves Arosa with its narrow gauge railway. Around the 14th century, the Walser came via Davos (1,560 m above sea level) and settled in the valley. They thus were the reason for the gradual change from the originally Romansh-speaking to a German-speaking region.

A skiing region, which among others leads to the Weisshorngipfel (2,653 m above sea level), is operated in the hollow which is surrounded by mountains. The valley Landwassertal around Davos (1,560 m above sea level) can be reached via the passages of Maienfelder Furgga (2,436 m above sea level) and Alteiner Furgga (2,491 m above sea level).

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