Albis - Felsenegg

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Route: Albis Range – Felsenegg

The Felsenegg (804 m above sea level) is a vantage point on the Albis range and a mountain station of the aerial cableway Adliswil-Felsenegg, the only one in the canton of Zurich. The Albis 51-m-high broadcasting tower «Felsenegg-Girstel» can be seen from a long distance. The Albis is among the most important recreational and hiking areas in Zurich. The hiking trail leads from the Uetliberg along the ridge of the Albis, starting at the Uetliberg-Felsenegg planetary trail, leading across the Felsenegg east towards the Albis Pass. From Adliswil, a steep forest trail leads up to the car-free Felsenegg.

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