Bahnhofstrasse, ZH

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Route: Zurich, General-Guisan-Quai – Bürkliplatz – Bahnhofstrasse – Main Railway Station

Bahnhofstrasse is the internationally known shopping street in Zurich. Along the 1.4-km-long street there are numerous department stores, boutiques of famous fashion designers, watch and jewelry stores, as well as luxury hotels, which are among the most prosperous worldwide in terms of revenue per square meter. The square Paradeplatz by the Bahnhofstrasse is considered the center of the Swiss banking industry.

Zurich lies in the center of Europe and in the heart of Switzerland at the northern tip of Lake Zurich.
The main railway station in the city center, which is only a 10-minute train ride away from the international Zurich Airport, is a European rail junction.

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