Altdorf – Dätwyler Holding

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Route: Altdorf (Dätwyler)

The image of the village of Altdorf is characterized by splendid manor houses and Palazzi built by homecoming mercenary leaders. The manor house «Im Eselmätteli» (1684 -1666) with its rich interior fittings from the time of late Baroque and Rococo is in very good condition. 1899 saw the opening of the Klausen Pass road, which leads from Altdorf through the Schächental valley across the Klausen Pass (1,948 m) to the Urnerboden in Linthal in the canton of Glarus.

In addition, a large internationally operating Swiss industrial company (Dätwyler Holding AG) has its headquarters in Altdorf. The company is a world-renowned supplier and distributor of technological and electronical components.

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