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Route: Kägiswil – Alpnach

The municipality of Alpnach (464 m above sea level) is divided into three areas of settlement: Alpnach Dorf, Alpnachstad, and Schoried. The northernmost municipality of the canton forms the «Gate to Obwalden». The deepest point is the lake Alpnachersee (434 m above sea level); the highest point, the Tomlishorn at 2,128 m above sea level. The Pilatus Railway, the world's steepest cogwheel railroad, runs from Alpnachstad at the Alpnachersee up to the Pilatus (2,132 m above sea level), a striking mountain ridge in Central Switzerland. The Alpnach military airport, which is also used as a helicopter base of the Swiss Air Force, is situated on the valley floor.

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