Zurich West

Zurich-West lies in district 5 near the Hardbrücke and west of the Aussersihler viaduct. It is comprised of two railroad bridges: the Wipkinger viaduct and the Letten viaduct. The former industrial quarter is Zurich’s booming cultural and nightlife district. Centrally located Turbinenplatz became the city’s largest square. Toni-Molkerei, Steinfels, Maag and Sulzer-Escher Wyss are witnesses to the industrial age. The Escher Wyss area today comprises the Technopark (1993), three hotels, the Westpark, the Puls 5 shopping center, and the Bluewin Tower. The old steel constructions of Puls 5 were intentionally preserved in highly visible spots.

Many industrial buildings were put to new use, like the Kesselschmiede, in which the Schauspielhaus theater operates a branch called «Schiffbau» (English: shipbuilding) as allusion to the former shipbuilding industry.